The Story

Silverangels was created by Founder Chris Topper and his friends, who all have been successful in other businesses and ventures.

The idea is simple:

We love what we do, we enjoy our time creating, so why don’t we form something new and exciting where we can work together as a team?

Silverangels was born.

The philosophy is clear: Silverangels is a young, creative, and stylish luxury jewelry label, which believes in the idea that quality has to be produced locally and not in Asia or in developing countries. Therefore all designs and most importantly all pieces are produced and hand-made in Los Angeles, California. This gives us full control over all materials, production steps, designs, and sales channels, delivering a luxury and high quality brand in every aspect. We have an ambitious plan … to have a lot of fun, be creative and to be working amongst friends, making Silverangels stand for something exciting, for quality and individuality.

We believe that you will join us in this quest!